Le Creuset Sparkling Wine Opener - Black Nickel

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Le Creuset Sparkling Wine Opener - Black Nickel

This is all good and well ? but what about nonstandard receptacles like champagne bottles? Not to worry, the Le Creuset range has a wine opener for every occasion! These tools are the perfect option for indoor bartending and crowded celebrations, where an errant cork can cause a bit of a ruckus, not to mention waste a lot of valuable champagne! For New Year's or wedding celebrations, or for the connoisseur who knows that there's always reason to celebrate, the champagne star is an essential accoutrement. No you no longer have to thumb the cork out of the bottle while aiming it away from guests. Instead, the ritual becomes a fun party trick as everyone watches the cork caught in mid-flight. Treat yourself to this revolutionary <h='http://www.shopcookware.ie/wine-openers--accessories/172cat.aspx' class='seo_link'>bottle openertoday and never worry about opening another champagne bottle ever again.

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