Henckels Zwilling Pro 20cm Slicing Knife

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Henckels Zwilling Pro 20cm Slicing Knife

The slicing knife from ZWILLING is the optimal tool. With a 20 cm blade, it is ideal for carving succulent steaks and large portions for roasting, as well as for slicing meat into thin strips.

The slicing knife features a slender yet strong blade and together with its sharpness makes carving meat easy. Carving poultry or roasts is also aided by the knife's sharp tip. The cutting edge extends along the full length of the blade and a full tang gives the knife balance for easy and efficient carving.

It is manufactured using ZWILLING's special formula steel for excellent hardness properties. In combination with ice-hardening, you get a kitchen knife that is both highly robust and fully rust-free. Precision-forged steel provides a perfect cutting edge.

Henckels knives are FRIODUR® ice-hardened blade for exceptional durability of the cutting edge and corrosion resistance.


Made from stainless special formula steel, ZWILLING specially fused materials: These knives are robust, corrosion-resistant and flexible at the same time.


Are SIGMAFORGE® constructed knives – one-piece precision forging


V-edge: The two-level V-edge-grinding also provides for lasting sharpness and offers long-lasting highly precise cutting performance.


Ergonomic plastic handle with three-rivet design: For fatigue-free and safe working with the knife.

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