Garment & Suit Carrier Luggage

Protect your precious and special occasion clothing with a specific carrier.  The leading travel brands have engineered the baggage that will ensure you get your suit or that special outfit to your destination with minimal creasing and crumpling.  Some too have additional compartments for the remainder of your luggage and/or laptops and tablets.

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Samsonite Garment Carriers

Samsonite have once again hit the nail on the head with knowing what the traveller wants and needs.  The Samsonite Spark 55cm Upright Garment Bag has a designated pocket with hanger for you to specially pack and hang your suit and dress with just one fold.  Simply then zip and close away that part away and you have the remainder of you case to pack up your remaining travel necessities.

A Few Tips When Using A Garment/Suit Carrier

  • Make sure your clothing is cleaned and ironed prior to packing in your carrier.  Travelling does not suit or bring out the best in any of us.
  • Stuff arms and legs with tissue or socks/undergarments to keep shape.
  • Try and pack in the order that you will need items.
  • Use hangers in garment bags when packing!
  • Close up and fasten all zips and buttons.
  • If you have any spare clear plastic, generally from dry-cleaners, to cover clothing with this too is a help in protecting.