Duffle Bags

Sometimes just a small bag will do for our travels.  More often than not a small holdall or duffle bag will suffice for short day or overnight trips.  When we knuckle down and think about exactly what we need it’s not much.  These bags are generally more flexible, smaller, but still with plenty of pockets and compartments needed when travelling.

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Wheeled or not?

There are many varieties of duffle bags available out there, one of which is whether to go for a wheeled version of not.  Generally having one long strap or two smaller ones for easy access and carrying, some too have a two wheeled base with extendable handle ideal for when walking longer distances or convenience.  Duffles too have the capability of being packed up that little bit more, higher volumes and more flexibility.

The Benefits of a Duffle

Lightweight, manageable and convenient.

The variety and versatility of a duffle bag make them the perfect luggage item for endless situations. When a handbag or a shoulder bag just isn’t large enough a Duffle bags can assist you virtually any time you need to carry more than just your wallet and keys. No matter what you have planned, duffle bags are a handy piece of baggage to have around making your belongings easy to access, and they're so lightweight, making them easy to carry. Because duffle bags are perfect for travel, many companies produce rolling duffel bags for added convenience. Many traditional and rolling duffles are sized as carry-on luggage to make your flight plans easier. Duffle bags are also great for road trips, weekend vacations and overnighters.